World’s First Buffet Price Index is the World’s first buffet price index, just exclusively to search, find and display the prices of luxury star-class hotel buffets and fine dining restaurants. It was founded by Mr Anuradha Bernard, a Sri Lankan-born entrepreneur, communicator and social media industry expert in September 2022. I am so proud to introduce myself as the founder of this concept as a highly motivated buffet and luxury hotel enthusiast and a passionate person in fine dining experiences. I am a big fan of Buffet and I was looking for a dedicated website to check buffet prices such as for hotel prices, Airbnb for holiday rentals, Skyscanner for air tickets, and TripAdvisor for travel activities, I found zero exclusively dedicated websites for this. So, I decided to start this website more or less.

Our Promise

Our promise is we will never charge money to get Buffet Prices for diners and customers. Also, we never charge money from Hoteliers to list their basic Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Brunch and High Tea rates. It’s the fundamental policy of the website.

Our Vision

“Luxury Buffet For Everyone”

Our Mission

“To give updated Luxury Buffet Prices to Buffet fans on Planet Earth.”

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